Thursday, August 12, 2010

Philly is so Hot right now!

Well I made it through another Punk Rock Flea Market. It was super hot... around 103 or something. I think the r5 guys need to rethink the dates for this event. So far the last two have had the most extreme weather (guys spring and fall hint hint). Even with the all the sweat and complaining it was still packed with people and lots of fun. Here are some photos from the day. Thanks for everyone that stopped by to see Seven Ply and Vintage Wave.
This is me checking in with the babysitter.

They are saying this was the biggest PRFM yet. I believe them... image 103 degrees outside then invite 3,000 people to warm it up some more.

Here is a great PRFM find! I love vintage skateboards. I also picked up a few old skate mags from the 80's.

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