Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hooray Today Is the Day!

My lip’s have been sealed for oh so long and today I feel the need to shout it out…..”Featured Seller! Today! Hooray!” The journey has been a trying to say the least. In the midst of a major work shop move, house remodel, the passing of my most loved Grandmother, Bobchi, I have somehow kept my head up and my eye on the goal. In the beginning of the entire process I was so focused on Seven Ply but the recent events have changed my prospective on this little thing we call life. Bobchi was 92 years old. She was born in 1919. She lived a full life, raised 6 girls and even camped her way across country ALONE with a with four of her children. She is my hero….for real! I have a hard enough time handling my little Hurricane. I can not image dealing with six! She was ahead of her time with most things. Back in the day she wore the cutest dresses and wedges…I bet she was the envy of all her friends. When it came to sewing her fabric choices where always amazing. She tap danced live on the radio before television was even around! She took care of me when I was little. She inspires me to do more, try harder and push on. I know that she would have been proud of this little accomplishment. She was always proud of me. Today is bitter sweet. Bochi and Jogi in their twenties. Life as I know it. Its pretty much like camping with a microwave ha.


  1. So cool Lynn! Bobchi sounds like she was really, really incredible! What a legacy she has left behind! I'm so stoked for you and for Seven Ply! Love you!!!

  2. I saw you as the "Featured Seller" on Etsy and made my way over to your blog. Congrats on the feature, I love your work and I loved reading about what you do.

  3. congrats on being featured seller! it was wonderful to read. i just read the interview and found you through there :D

    & i am sorry for you loss. that photo of her is lovely & it sounds like she was one amazing woman.

  4. What a cool store. Congrats on being Featured Seller! Soooo awesome!!!

  5. I am in LOVE with your work. What an original and thoughtful way to carry on art. Your Bobchi would love it. I hope to keep following you! Your process and product is just my style.

    Take care, and keep creating!

    Charmed Earth

  6. so sorry for the loss of your hero ...grandmas are so special...she would have been proud of your featured seller i am sure...blessings [] elk

  7. Hey Lynn!!
    Yay for being a featured seller, gives others the chance to get to know your awesome work! So refreshing and what a cool idea to give skateboards a second life!! I need to show your stuff to my bf, he'll love it!
    I'm a fan from now on!!
    Keep the nice stuff coming :-)

  8. Congrats on being the featured seller! I love how you came up with giving a skateboard a second life. The rings are my favorite but I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

  9. Lynn, You are a talented writer.
    You are the best interior decorator I know.
    You have an eye for fashion.
    You Love, Love Love your family.
    You put up with that damn dog. lol
    You are Beautiful inside and out!