Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thanks to Pennwood

Pennwood hooked it up with a box of skate board scraps this week. I'm looking forward to using these left over pieces that would normally be burned or thrown into a landfill. My son Elijah was just as excited to open up the box as me. Thanks Joe for the awesome scraps.

Keep them coming!

It is amazing how fast the decks stack up. I dont even know how many there are in my workshop, which has no heat by the way :( Could be up to around 400ish I think. So many colors and graphics to choose from. Big thanks to Rising Sun, Barewires and Woodys for always hooking it up with a ton of broken seven ply.
Saving Skateboards, Lynn

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scoutie Girl*

Check out this great website Scoutie Girl. They featured my heart necklace and some other great handmade finds in the "a dude’s guide to shopping handmade". Enjoy! About... Scoutie Girl scours the world of independent craft & design and puts the best – or at least our favorites – right here for the world to see. we believe in the power of independence, the power of creation, the power of handmade to change the world. we believe that mass-production and rampant consumerism have created a culture that is hungry for “more” & “cheap” – we believe that handmade can change that, reconnect us with our fellow (wo)man and put life back into a bit of perspective.

Monday, January 18, 2010

my heart made it

Seven Ply made the front page of again. One of my recycled skateboard heart necklaces made the cut :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Front Page

Seven Ply was featured on the front page of ETSY last night! :) Here is a peek at what made the cut... Bling Bling custom Ring!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowed in at the PRFM

The Punk Rock Flea Market in Philly went off during the biggest winter storm in December ever, so they say. We had almost 24 inches of snow outside my house the morning of and the roads were really bad. My husband had my son out early with a home made sled... one of his broken surfboards and it seemed that we were snowed in for the day. I almost skipped the show this year to play in the snow and snuggle up with the family. The guys running the show said it was still on and they werent refunding your money. I didn't think I would make it there but we did. By the time I set up my table it was 1pm :( but I still did well. Looking forward to the next one. Here are a couple blurry iPhone photos from that day.