Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowed in at the PRFM

The Punk Rock Flea Market in Philly went off during the biggest winter storm in December ever, so they say. We had almost 24 inches of snow outside my house the morning of and the roads were really bad. My husband had my son out early with a home made sled... one of his broken surfboards and it seemed that we were snowed in for the day. I almost skipped the show this year to play in the snow and snuggle up with the family. The guys running the show said it was still on and they werent refunding your money. I didn't think I would make it there but we did. By the time I set up my table it was 1pm :( but I still did well. Looking forward to the next one. Here are a couple blurry iPhone photos from that day.

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