Thursday, January 13, 2011

Big Boy, Red Bull and A New Year

On a daily basis I write this BLOG entry over in my head. At least three or four different versions tip toe through my noggin on any given day. I have no reason not to sit down and type it…okay let’s be honest here, I am a mother of a three year old . So that right there might be a great excuses or at least my excuses as to my lack of blog progress.
A three year old! Can you believe it? November 1st marked my babies “big boy” birthday. There was a “purple painting party” to mark the occasion. After all, purple is the boys favorite color and he does have his mama’s artsy gene. A room full of three year olds, paint and fragile pottery. All the ingredients for a night to remember! As sweet as November started it grew bitter toward the middle. On November 14th my fathers mother, my grandmother passed away. And like that all my grandparents are gone. It’s makes me feel so old. With loss comes remembrance and this holiday season was filled with remembrance. I will always remember my grandmothers kind spirit and will be forever grateful for how she introduced me to the Beatles. I will never forget summers spent with her in Pennsylvania, a little yellow boom box and The Beach Boys on cassette tape. She was a great grandmother.
Before I knew it, December had arrived. Red Bull became my new BFF and bed time became later and later each night. Seven Ply orders were at an all time high and I couldn’t have been happier. Elijah and I decorated early. He loved putting all the ordainment's on the tree and dancing to Christmas music by it’s glow. A few days before Christmas we packed our bags and headed to the mountains. The Smokey Mountains to be exact and it was just what we needed. A long anticipated vacation, we spent a week in a cozy cabin nestled high on a mountain. With spectacular views, family, food and even a white Christmas, our trip was just perfect. Elijah sprinkled magical reindeer food (dry oatmeal with glitter) so that Santa’s reindeer would find their way to the mountains and Old Saint Nick found us, of course!
As fast as Christmas arrived…..Christmas was over. I love putting Christmas decorations away. Really I do, it doesn’t make me sad in the slightest. Your house feels neater and once the tree is out, your living room seems huge. A few entries back I shared a picture of our kitchen or lack of. We have been working on the house and now have a beautiful functioning kitchen. Thank God! I will be content if I never have to use a microwave again in my life time! Our hard work is definitely paying off and this house is starting to feel like a home.
An update on Dirt: Dirt (the turtle) is doing fantastic. He is still very small but has taken well to his new “heated” home. He enjoys swimming and has a pretty big appetite for such a little guy.